A mutt:

1 :a mongrel dog :cur

2 :a stupid or insignificant person :fool

The Mutt

Mutts Life is a tribute to all dogs that was inspired by a very special and much loved mutt called Milly.

Milly was rescued from an animal shelter as a 10 month old puppy.  She is a cross breed that was picked up, starving and terrified, on the outskirts of an informal settlement in Durban, South Africa.  Initially she did not bark, was afraid to go through doorways and would hide behind our legs when approached while on a walk. With love and only a little time her confidence improved. As it did her crazy, happy and mischievous personality shone through and in very short order she was a confident, loving and happy dog.  She has enriched the lives of those who know her (and even inspired a book).

She attracted other names over that time too.  Her toddler humans called her “Num-num” because of the noise she makes when she eats.  Eating is something Milly does often and with more gusto than is probably healthy. Another one of her names is an affectionate if exasperated “THAT Mutt”!

The Fool

Around the hundredth time a lunch disappeared from a table in a flash of fur I had an insight.  She is a dog.  I’m “THAT Mutts” failings were largely my own.  My inability to communicate with her in a way she could understand was my problem not hers.  From that moment on I set out to understand as much as I could about dogs … and their owners!

The Why of Mutt

Reducing the huge number of dogs that find their way into animal shelters around the world every year is probably a little beyond a fools blog.  While that won’t stop us trying we’re setting the goal for Mutts Life a little lower.  The hope is that this site may provide meaningful content to enrich the relationships between loving fools and their devoted mutts.

While Milly would prefer a large snack and a small mound of hadeda* poo (in which to roll) we feel confident that her generous spirit and sense of fun would approve.

The What of Mutt

The intention is to cover a broad and diverse range of subjects from the perspective of a (non professional) fool and his mutt including:

  1. Dog Ownership
  2. Obedience Training
  3. Dealing with Unwanted behaviours
  4. Training for Fun
  5. Relevant Activities
  6. Relevant News & Trivia
  7. Charitable Promotions
  8. Relevant Products

The Not So Small Print

The opinions expressed on the site are the impartial and unbiased personal opinions of the operators of the site.

At the time of writing the site is not “monetized” but we intend to investigate the affiliate programs of products we endorse and may receive a commission or fee for services chosen as a result of visiting this site.  If you are concerned about our impartiality, please ask.

We welcome feedback and questions related to the site and all things mutt, dog and pooch.