Feel Better with Mutts Feel Good Friday!

Here’s a quick slideshow that I had fun creating with the help of my 5 year old daughter.  It really was fun and I think some of that feel good comes through in the video.  Of course it helps that there’s few things quite like a dog to lift your mood when you’re finding things rough.  Below the video is a link to how we did it and some science backed trivia on the benefits of dog ownership.

Here’s a link to my post on: How to Create & Publish your Own Slideshow with your Kids (for free)

Feel good dog and trainerFeel Good Trivia # 1 – Best Friends

According to this study by the American Psychological Association dogs can play an important role in our social health and wellness.  Pet owners seemed to demonstrate better self esteem, greater conscientiousness and were more socially outgoing than non owners.  They also appeared to be better able to deal with situations of social rejection.

Feel Good Trivia # 2 – Better Health

They’re good for your heart.  Take a look at this report on the Harvard Health blog and this study published by the US National Institute of Medicine.

Feel Good Trivia # 3 – Helping Children Cope Feel good child with dog

According to this study they help children to deal with stress better. If that’s not enough for you there is evidence here that they could help your child to read.





Something to Consider

I couldn’t find any research into whether a trained dog increases increases the likelihood of these benefits.  But it would kind of make sense to me!  We have all seen plenty of owners at the dog park who do not look they’re with their best friend or have low blood pressure!  You can access Mutts Life training resources here and my recommended online dog trainer here.

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